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Characters and Setting/Description

This belongs to the sci-fi/future fantasy genre. It is set at an indeterminate time in the future. For the most part it is meant to be taken as a cynical satire but I may also lace in political and philosophical messages, so some people may never be able to tell which is which, hahaha! The reason I have set it at a distant time in the future is because it will give me more freedom to be creative and I will not be limited by the passing of time. So now I will establish the setting, sort of.
Fujisawa Fujisawa Kaze: Fujisawa is a brilliant scientist from Japan, with an IQ which is so enormous that it cannot be measured. The name "Kaze" means wind. His mind works so fast that he felt limited and trapped by his body, so when he was in his 20's he genetically enhanced his body to allow him to move at speeds comparable to the speed of thought. Along with that came enhanced strength and an accelerated healing process. He was thrown out of Japan when he transformed the daughter of the Emperor from human into...something else. While the operation was entirely consentual the Japanese Emperor chose to place the blame entirely on Fujisawa rather than admitting that he raised a non-conformist and rebellious daughter. Since then Fujisawa has come to work for the Emperor of New Atlantis as his most trusted friend and right hand man. Fujisawa is reserved, logical, pensive, and ultra-conservative. Fujisawa also talks to God via AIM instant messenger.
Bud Budrick Brodrig, a.k.a. Bud Buddy Buzz: Bud is from the US. His father used to work for the US space force and while visiting an obscure planet he became the victim of an alien experiment, which left him genetically altered and disfigured. The altered DNA was passed onto his son Bud, and as a result Bud has the ability to generate ice. Bud is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and often forgets that he has superpowers. He is somewhat of a body builder but his martial skills are non-existent, also his IQ is somewhere around body temperature. To put it mildly, he is the weakest link on the team.
Assan Assan Iranpak a.k.a. Assan Prince of Iran: Racist, Sexist, and generally bigoted, Assan is probably the least friendly member of the team. Assan is something of an international celebrity. He has over 200 wives and a late night talk show where he ridicules his guests. He is enormously appealing to most women, even though he is exceedingly chauvinist, but many women with higher than average IQ's are capable of resisting the Assanian "charm." The Iranpak family is quite large, and every one of his siblings has a superpower, due to an experiment done on his father (more on that later). Assan is the only one in his family without a superpower, but he is an accomplished athlete and skilled swordfighter. He also excels at throwing knives. Assan would never be able to make it through metal detectors if he did not have the diplomatic immunity afforded to him by the fact that his father is the Shah of Iran. Assan is not in line to inherit the throne of Iran because he has many male siblings which are older than he is. Assan and Fujisawa met in college where they were roommates for a while, while they disagree over a few things they manage to get along fairly well, although when together Fujisawa occasionally puts a stop to Assan's "fun."
Marien Marien: Marien comes from a nomadic Berber tribe in the Sahara Desert which befriended Iona when she broke away from the Evil Creator. Marien is one of the first human beings that Iona saw, and she is Iona's best friend. Marien is the youngest daughter of the patriarch of the tribe. Though never formally educated she has a sharp and inquisitive mind. She is not an official member of the team, and she has no superpowers. She came to New Atlantis in order to be with Iona and to receive a complete and formal education.
Iona Iona: Iona was created in a hidden fortress beneath the Sahara desert by the ancient and inhuman scientist known as the Evil Creator. Her human DNA was taken from his deceased daughter that he had back when he was human. To be sure a great deal of additional DNA was added as well. While anatomically human (inside and out), most of the substances which compose her body are synthetic. She is the strongest member of the team, able to leap tall buildings effortlessly, crunch solid steal as if it were foil, and withstand forces as powerful as nuclear blasts. She is able to make a complete recovery from any wound, assuming it isn't fatal, given enough time. She requires very little food, and she has voluntary control over her rate of cellular regeneration, she cannot turn it off, but she can slow it down. Skin wounds, and damage to hair and nails she can heal in a matter of seconds. Her body also functions similar to a fusion reactor and she produces a great deal of energy which manifests as purple when seen by others. She is one of the saner and more rational members of the team. She is self controlled and logical, most of the time, but from time to time she dips into depression due to the mysterious and unusual nature of her birth and existence. It cannot be determined weather or not Iona is immortal or just very long lived.
Could be a thousand years in the future or it could be a million. There is no one world government (an anarchic international system prevails), and the arrangement and shape of the continents has changed somewhat. There have been many advances in science and through genetic engineering the average life expectancy has been extended to about 200 years. Humanity has expanded into space and colonized many worlds, which has also brought them into contact with sentient alien life. In the meantime demi-human life forms have begun to "come out of the closet" on Earth. These are humanoid species (e.g. Elves and Dwarves), which have lived on Earth almost as long, or in some cases longer than humans and evaded being detected as something other than human throughout most of human history. The Offenders live on Earth on a land mass which was raised from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean called New Atlantis. The capitol of New Atlantis has been creatively dubbed "The City." The leader of the Offenders is known to most simply as "The Captain," "Captain Spain"(since that is where he is from), or "Captain," his real name is Rodrigo Martinez and he works directly for The Emperor, who is the sovereign of New Atlantis.